The Beautiful Side of Freezing Rain

Posted by hlinfield on December 22, 2013 at 1:35 PM

When the world is encased in ice...

...and tree branches and power lines come crashing down, we are reminded that humanity is fine, technology is great, but nature, even without the violence of tornadoes and hurricanes, is truly powerful. In charge. Calmly. Serenely. Quietly. Beautifully. Always.

When the world is encased in ice...

...the spirits have wrapped the trees and bushes and blades of grass, the rocks on the cliffs and the stones on the beach, as though they are gifts for us to enjoy. The wrapping paper sparkles and drips like diamond pendants. A message from them to us. Don't forget how wonderful these gifts are, they say, because we are small and stupid and often forget. So the sprits wrap these gifts up in beauty, to remind us.

When the world is encased in ice...

...and we are inside, coated with what gives life to the earth, we can look out from within and feel someone or something there, watching out for us, protecting us, keeping us safe.

Just don't stand under the trees.

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