Editing Services

Every writer must also be an editor, but editing one's own work is an extremely difficult task.  The best editors are able to look at a piece of work objectively and this can be very hard to do when the words on the paper are your own.

Some writers, especially independently published writers, use friends or family members to edit or proofread their work.  This can be helpful, but even if a writer is lucky enough to have a friend with some editing capabilities, it's unlikely they'll receive completely thorough and honest feedback.

With over ten years of experience teaching English as a Second Language, providing editing services (for both fiction works and academic papers), doing ghost writing, and of course writing and editing my own material, I am qualified to offer thorough and honest editing services, such as:

- proofreading

- copy editing

- developmental editing

- manuscript evaluation/beta-reader

Please email me at  [email protected] for more details.