Hayley Linfield is a gifted editor who has a critical eye for seeing what needs to be corrected. My experience with her has been phenomenal because she see the whole picture. As a writer herself, she was able to provide extraordinary feedback and help me shape my project into something I am very proud of. - Oscar Cavazos, author of Dark Destiny

Hayley has been a fantastic editor and writer for me. I can always count on her to be creative, efficient and professional. Hayley’s writing has helped me express the right spirit and meaning for my business. I would like her to be writing this testimonial for me to help convey how much she has helped me and my business, but I guess I am on my own this time. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Hayley as a wonderful editor and writer. - David Morris, David Morris Photography

My experience working with Hayley was outstanding in every way.  She returned work to me quickly and with great insight and was never too busy to respond to my many emails filled with questions and comments.  Jan Douglas Miller, writer

Hayley is a great person. Over the past year Hayley has proofread and edited my college work. My experience as shown me that Hayley is a very understanding person who gives respect and value to others. Many editors nowadays only care about money, and they will ask you to pay them first before editing your work. But Hayley is different because she edits your work first and accepts payment afterwards. Hayley edited my work for almost a whole year and my GPA increased significantly because of her editing.  Before she began editing my work, I lost a lot of marks because of my grammar mistakes. After Hayley became an editor of my work, I learned many new things and improved my writing style.  I wish that I had met Hayley a few years ago because my marks would have been much better.  Hayley was a god-send in the final years of my degree program and I offer a huge thanks to her.  I've never met her in person (I've only communicated with her through email), but Hayley is very nice and extremely friendly. If there are any college or university students looking for someone to edit their work, I would strongly recommend her.  She is trustworthy and also very fast, able to edit your work on time. - Luxshana Mahes, student